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Lifetime Performance is the leader in golf, tennis and post- rehab fitness coaching for busy athletes and professionals to improve sporting performance, health and overall movement functionality.  Our fitness programming is built based off the evidence-based movement assessments and physical screenings we use continually week in and week out.  Our Certified Fitness Experts will provide supportive and knowledgeable coaching to help you improve your weakness and deficiencies to ultimately get you get out of pain and playing at the top of your game.

Unlike typical high intensity box gyms, traditional personal training, and large membership based fitness centers, Lifetime Performance is the only one that offers a complete solution using individualized programs and nutritional support to deliver long-term results – hence our name – Lifetime Performance.  Each client is treated with a personal touch as a “Lifer”.  To help us provide the best experience, we have aligned ourselves with the best physical therapists, and golf/tennis coaches in the area to ensure that we provide a team approach for every client.

Founded in 2011 by Ken Macdonald, Lifetime Performance has set out to change the way training is being delivered to people with a variety of needs.  Ken’s prior professional golf career has allowed him to work closely with golfers looking to improve their fitness while being able to “speak the golfing language” effectively.  This connection has earned Lifetime Performance the reputation as being the go to place for golf performance improvement.  In addition, working alongside a physical therapy clinic has allowed a seamless transition from rehab-based exercise to performance enhancement.  With this experience and knowledge, we have assisted hundreds of individuals reach their fitness goals. We look forward to continuing to help those willing to stay the course and enjoy the journey that is life with tireless hope and good health

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Ken’s knowledge of both the golf swing and the body makes him unique in the industry. His application of this knowledge allowed me to play with less back pain and workout within the parameters of what my body would allow without causing injury. I would highly recommend him to those looking to improve the performance of their body without the fear of injury.

Raymond Floyd

4 Time Major Winner on the PGA Tour

The staff at Lifetime Performance are true professionals in the field of sports performance enhancement.  Their expertise working with golf and tennis athletes provides them with the ability to reach maximum potential.

Mark Kovacs

PhD, FACSM, MTPS,CTPS, Executive Director,, International Tennis Performance Association

Ken’s knowledge and expertise have benefited all of my competitive junior golfers. His ability to recognize the connection between fitness and swing mechanics is unmatched. The results have been amazing!

Rob Bowser

Asst. Director of Instruction, Reynold’s Plantation

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